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The unveiling and Dedication of the Wall Hanging will take place on Friday 15th June in the morning.


We are delighted that we will be joined by 60 school children together with the Leaders in the Local Community for the unveiling and dedication of the Great Troon Wall Hanging on Friday 15 June.

Everyone is welcome to attend with their friends and families and should come to the church, where they will be able to watch the proceedings in the Hall on a video screen, and should be seated by 10.45am.
The event takes place from 11.00 – 11.45am and there will then be an opportunity for the congregation to come to the Hall to see the Wall Hanging, the displays and meet our Honoured Guests. After the Walkabout in the Hall which takes place from 11.45 – 12.15pm simple refreshments will be available for everyone.

The Troon Wall Hanging is an initiative of St Ninian’s Episcopal Church, Troon in an attempt to celebrate the life of the Episcopal Church in Troon, the life of our Hall User Groups and the life of the wider Community in the area.


We are appealing to the wider community to help in the creation of a large wall hanging to be displayed in our Church Hall.  This project will take about two years to complete and we are hoping to encourage anyone in the local area, of any faith and none, who would like to join us, to come to any of the meetings.  The design (depicted above) is based on a number of texts from the Bible and seeks to proclaim the essence of our work as a community of God’s people and will depict amongst other things – the tree of life/the vine, the fruits of the spirit, the leaves for the healing of the nations and a huge variety of local song birds from the Psalm – Sing a new song to the Lord.

The Troon Wall Hanging will be created using appliqué, embroidery, and other sewing methods.  Anyone is welcome, even if you would just like to come along to see what is happening in the Hall.  It is hoped that the project will create a community and enable participants to have fun, and provide an opportunity for people to share their own story.

We would also be most grateful for donations of any fabric or threads that you no longer need, to be used in the creation of the wall hanging, also any see-through plastic storage boxes for the storing fabric.

There are also forms at the back of the church to be filled in if you would like to be involved.

If you have any questions about this project please speak to Tizzy, Iolanthe or Shona or email